Baking up themed karaoke nights 

                  & cool quiz parties for every body!

About Us

Chaos Cake is the younger, brattier, non-binary sibling to Club Indulge (a body positive/fat liberation club night for all shapes and sizes.)

After running various events, I realised that fat people (especially women/ NB) deserve more. Yes, we should have a space where we feel safe, but let's also have a night where we can meet more people from all sorts of marginalised slices of life - not just the plus sized posse.

Our karaoke and quiz nights were always a bit marmite - either loved or loathed, so I decided to give them their own dedicated, fully accessible space where we can be silly and play and dress up and show off and do all the ridiculous things which some people are just too sensible for.

So Chaos Cake is new, but please just give us a chance and a bit of support. We want you to have a fun, safe, non-judgemental space where a variety of people can come and soon be making new, ridiculous, friends. 

We encourage people to come alone or with friends. We want you to find your tribe!