Baking up themed quiz nights 

                  where every body parties!

What are we??

Who is she?

CHAOS CAKE is a new quiz party night dedicated to  bringing people together for a judgement-free night of fun!

Our quizzes aren't like normal quizzes. We encourage dancing/drinking/partying your way to a winners medal or the coveted Crown Of Fungeniality!

We welcome everyone into our many spongey layers. Come alone, or in a group, everyone gets put into random teams by our in-house Sorting Tw*t


(But if you ask nicely, we can keep you with a team or a pal)

We're all about fat liberation and gender inclusivity. Our venue is accessible and our chairs don't have armrests. Anyone of any size, shape, gender, etc is welcome and will soon be meeting new team mates and making new fwends.

We are huns | punks | queers | introverts |attention seekers| cat ladies | rockers | gingers |  fatties | kinksters unicorns | weirdos...  

..just like you.


(Yeah, yeah..we sound sickeningly 'woke', but we'll still  call anyone a c*nt when they need to be told)


We are currently looking for a fabulous new venue! If you can help us out and have one to hand, please email!

in the meantime, please sign up to our mailing and/or phone list at the bottom of the page to be the first to know when we return!

Queer quiz night body positive, fat liberation london.png


Robot playing with toy

..are not like other quizzes! We use a mixture of fun tasks, music rounds, silly games, and generally being awesome to get you to the winners circle. No boring general boring knowledge here, just lots of fun!


Unlike other quiz nights, we put everyone into teams. So you can come alone, and soon make friends!


 (Don't worry, we'll keep you with pals if you ask nicely)



Winning quiz teams receive a limited edition winners medal, but we'll also happily give prizes away for; fancy dress, enthusiasm, singing ability, choreography, general silliness and more during our quizzes!


Dream Ticket

Tickets must be purchased BEFORE each event - they are not available to buy on the door. Ticket sales close at 3pm on the day with discounted tickets for our extra keen Early Birds!